%A William J. Clancey %J International Journal of Educational Research %T Conceptual coordination: Abstraction without description. %X Conceptual coordination is a learning process that relates multiple perceptual-motor modalities (verbal, visual, gestural, etc.) in time. Lower-order categorizations are thus related by sequence and simultaneity, as shown by neurological dysfunctions. Heretofore, many theories of abstraction have only considered verbal behavior and assumed that the neural mechanism itself consists of manipulation of descriptions (linguistic models of the world and behavior). This broader view better relates physical and intellectual skills. %N 1 %K neuroscience, conceptualization, perceptual categorization, symbol systems, perceptual-motor coordination, abstraction, instructional design, verbal behavior, skills, human learning %P 5-19 %V 27 %D 1996 %L cogprints41