@misc{cogprints4115, editor = {Andrew Adamatzky}, title = {Implementation of Logical Functions in the Game of Life}, author = {Jean-Philippe Rennard}, publisher = {Springer}, year = {2002}, pages = {419--512}, journal = {Collision Based Computing}, keywords = {cellular automata, universal Turing machine, Game of Life, collision-based computing, Boolean algebra}, url = {http://cogprints.org/4115/}, abstract = {The Game of Life cellular automaton is a classical example of a massively parallel collision-based computing device. The automaton exhibits mobile patterns, gliders, and generators of the mobile patterns, glider guns, in its evolution. We show how to construct basic logical perations, AND, OR, NOT in space-time configurations of the cellular automaton. Also decomposition of complicated Boolean functions is discussed. Advantages of our technique are demonstrated on an example of binary adder, realized via collision of glider streams.} }