TY - INPR N1 - 12 pages, 24 eqs, 19 refs; Report presented at the IVth International Symposium "Fractals in Biology and Medicine" (Ascona, 10-14 March 2004), http://www.fractals.issi.cerfim.ch/ ID - cogprints4140 UR - http://cogprints.org/4140/ A1 - Kirilyuk, Andrei Y1 - 2004/// N2 - Complex-dynamical fractal is a hierarchy of permanently, chaotically changing versions of system structure, obtained as the unreduced, causally probabilistic general solution of arbitrary interaction problem (physics/0305119, physics/9806002). Intrinsic creativity of this extension of usual fractality determines its exponentially high operation efficiency, which underlies many specific functions of living systems, such as autonomous adaptability, "purposeful" development, intelligence and consciousness (at higher complexity levels). We outline in more detail genetic applications of complex-dynamic fractality, demonstrate the dominating role of genome interactions, and show that further progressive development of genetic research, as well as other life-science applications, should be based on the dynamically fractal structure analysis of interaction processes involved. The obtained complex-dynamical fractal of a living organism specifies the intrinsic unification of its interaction dynamics at all levels, from genome structure to higher brain functions. We finally summarise the obtained extension of mathematical concepts and approaches closely related to their biological applications. PB - Birkhauser KW - Dynamic multivaluedness; entanglement; complexity; chaos; probabilistic fractal; living fractal; genomics; constructive genetics; genome interaction; genetic bomb; integral medicine; biofractal; biomathematics TI - Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and Its Applications in Life Sciences AV - public ER -