%A Sergio Dubner %A Edgardo Schapachnik %A Andr?s Ricardo P?rez Riera %J Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal %T First International Symposium on Long QT Syndrome through the Internet, April 2004 %X With the First Virtual Symposium on Long QT Syndrome already finished; which was held over the month of April, 2004 as an educational activity of the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE), and completely through the Internet; we, the Presidents of the Scientific and Steering Committees, Sergio Dubner, Edgardo Schapachnik and Andr?s Ricardo P?rez Riera, are wondering gladly surprised, which may have been the main causes of such a huge success as we have reached, and the enormous interest arisen. Just to have an idea of the dimension achieved, data obtained from http://www.a9.com (an Amazon.com site) or with the traditional search engine Google, prove that the first reply when you request information about long QT Syndrome is the access site of the Symposium. We believe that the response to this question may be summarized in one word: REALIZATION. The best definition for success is realization. The huge motivation in each one of us made the difference. We worked with a cohesive group, like a team, aware of the unparalleled and great opportunity Prof. Arthur Moss had initially assigned to Sergio Dubner and Edgardo Schapachnik, an invitation that the latter extended to Andr?s Ricardo P?rez Riera. %N 3 %K long QT syndrome; internet symposium %P 155 %E Balbir Singh %E Yash Lokhandwala %E Johnson Francis %E Anup Gupta %V 4 %D 2004 %I Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Group %L cogprints4197