%A Rex N. MacAlpin %J Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal %T Left Septal Fascicular Block: Myth Or Reality? %X Anatomic studies have shown that the left bundle branch divides into three fascicles in most humans. Changes in the 12 lead ECG (electrocardiogram) due to conduction abnormalities of the left anterior fascicle and left posterior fascicle are now part of the standard repertoire of electrocardiographic interpretation. There are no standard criteria for detecting conduction defects involving the third left fascicle, the septal or median fascicle, and the very existence of such defects is still a matter of controversy. The purposes of this article are to review the available evidence on this subject, suggest electrocardiographic criteria for its recognition, and present examples which illustrate that left septal fascicular block does indeed exist as a specific entity. Left septal fascicular block is a polymorphic conduction defect which may explain some previously inadequately understood electrocardiographic abnormalities. %N 3 %K fascicular block; left septal fascicular block; intraventricular conduction defects; ventricular activation %P 157-177 %E Balbir Singh %E Yash Lokhandwala %E Johnson Francis %E Anup Gupta %V 3 %D 2003 %I Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Group %L cogprints4280