@misc{cogprints4285, volume = {3}, number = {2}, month = {April}, author = {Indranill Basu Ray}, editor = {Balbir Singh and Yash Lokhandwala and Johnson Francis and Anup Gupta}, title = {Preventing Sudden Death And The Use Of Prophylactic Implanted Defibrillators}, publisher = {Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Group}, year = {2003}, journal = {Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal}, pages = {60--66}, keywords = {sudden cardiac death; Implanted Defibrillators }, url = {http://cogprints.org/4285/}, abstract = {Implanted defibrillators have become mainstream therapy for the prevention of sudden cardiac death from ventricular tachyarrhythmias. A decade of studies has confirmed the superiority of ICDs over antiarrhythmic drug therapy in prolonging the life of patients with a prior history of sustained VT or VF. More recent studies have compared ICD therapy to drugs or no antiarrhythmic therapy as ?primary prophylaxis? in patients considered at high risk for sudden death or with prior MIs. In selected patients, ICDs lead to important relative and absolute reductions in mortality in patients with no prior history of sustained VT or VF. Clinicians need to carefully consider these studies in their management of patients with CAD and severe LV dysfunction.} }