<> "The repository administrator has not yet configured an RDF license."^^ . <> . . "Consciousness in Human and Robot Minds"^^ . "The best reason for believing that robots might some day become conscious is that we human beings are conscious, and we are a sort of robot ourselves. That is, we are extraordinarily complex self-controlling, self-sustaining physical mechanisms, designed over the eons by natural selection, and operating according to the same well-understood principles that govern all the other physical processes in living things: digestive and metabolic processes, self-repair and reproductive processes, for instance. It may be wildly over-ambitious to suppose that human artificers can repeat Nature's triumph, with variations in material, form, and design process, but this is not a deep objection. It is not as if a conscious machine contradicted any fundamental laws of nature, the way a perpetual motion machine does. Still, many skeptics believe--or in any event want to believe--that it will never be done. I wouldn't wager against them, but my reasons for skepticism are mundane, economic reasons, not theoretical reasons."^^ . "1994" . . . . . . . "Daniel C."^^ . "Dennett"^^ . "Daniel C. Dennett"^^ . . . . . . "Consciousness in Human and Robot Minds (HTML)"^^ . . . "concrobt.htm"^^ . . . "Consciousness in Human and Robot Minds (Indexer Terms)"^^ . . . . . . "indexcodes.txt"^^ . . "HTML Summary of #429 \n\nConsciousness in Human and Robot Minds\n\n" . "text/html" . . . "Applied Cognitive Psychology" . . . "Robotics" . .