@misc{cogprints4375, volume = {113}, title = {Hemi-field memory for attractiveness}, author = {Choi Deblieck and Dahlia W. Zaidel}, year = {2003}, pages = {931--941}, journal = {International Journal of Neuroscience}, keywords = {beauty, hemispheric specialization, hemispheric memory, brain, left visual field, right visual field, laterality, evolution, faces, face, laterality, left hemisphere, right hemisphere}, url = {http://cogprints.org/4375/}, abstract = {In order to determine whether or not facial attractiveness plays a role in hemispheric facial memory, 35 right-handed participants first assigned attractiveness ratings to faces and then performed a recognition test on those faces in the left visual half-field (LVF) and right visual half-field (RVF). We found significant interactions between the experimental factors and visual half- field. There were significant differences in the extreme ends of the rating scale, that is, the very unattractive versus the very attractive faces: Female participants remembered very attractive faces of both women and men, with memory being superior in the RVF than in the LVF. In contrast, the male participants remembered very unattractive faces of both women and men; RVF memory was better than the LVF for women faces while for men faces memory was superior in the LVF. The interactions with visual half-field suggest that hemispheric biases in remembering faces are influenced by degree of attractiveness.} }