%A Dahlia W. Zaidel %J Behavioral and Brain Sciences %T Neuronal connectivity, regional differentiation, and brain damage in humans. %X When circumscribed brain regions are damaged in humans, highly specific iimpairments in language, memory, problem solving, and cognition are observed. Neurosurgery such as "split brain" or hemispherectomy, for example has shown that encompassing regions, the left and right cerebral hemispheres each control human behavior in unique ways. Observations stretching over 100 years of patients with unilateral focal brain damage have revealed, withouth the theoretical benefits of "cognitive neuroscience" or "cognitive psychology," that human behavior is indeed controlled by the brain and its neurons. %N 5 %K hemispheric specialization, functional localization, brain, language localization, split brain, commissurotomy, brain damage, corpus callosum, hippocampus, memory, brain evolution %P 854-855 %V 22 %D 1999 %L cogprints4376