TY - GEN ID - cogprints441 UR - http://cogprints.org/441/ A1 - Martin, K.E. A1 - Marshall, J.A. Y1 - 1993/// N2 - Human vision systems integrate information nonlocally, across long spatial ranges. For example, a moving stimulus appears smeared when viewed briefly (30 ms), yet sharp when viewed for a longer exposure (100 ms) (Burr, 1980). This suggests that visual systems combine information along a trajectory that matches the motion of the stimulus. Our self-organizing neural network model shows how developmental exposure to moving stimuli can direct the formation of horizontal trajectory-specific motion integration pathways that unsmear representations of moving stimuli. These results account for Burr's data and can potentially also model other phenomena, such as visual inertia. PB - San Mateo: CA: Morgan Kaufman TI - Unsmearing visual motion: Development of long-range horizontal intrinsic connections SP - 117 AV - public EP - 121 ER -