%A Benoit Lemaire %A Sonia Mandin %A Philippe Dessus %A Guy Denhi?re %T Computational Cognitive Models of Summarization Assessment Skills %X This paper presents a general computational cognitive model of the way a summary is assessed by teachers. It is based on models of two subprocesses: determining the importance of sentences and guessing the cognitive rules that the student may have used. All models are based on Latent Semantic Analysis, a computational model of the representation of the meaning of words and sentences. Models' performances are compared with data from an experiment conducted with 278 middle school students. The general model was implemented in a learning environment designed for helping students to write summaries. %K summarization, macrorules, cognitive modeling, computer environment, latent semantic analysis %P 1266-1271 %E Bruno Bara %E Lawrence Barsalou %E Monica Bucciarelli %D 2005 %L cogprints4536