%A Dr. Liane M. Gabora %J Journal of Creative Behavior %T Creative thought as a non-Darwinian evolutionary process %X Selection theory requires multiple, distinct, simultaneously-actualized states. In cognition, each thought or cognitive state changes the 'selection pressure' against which the next is evaluated; they are not simultaneously selected amongst. Creative thought is more a matter of honing in a vague idea through redescribing successive iterations of it from different real or imagined perspectives; in other words, actualizing potential through exposure to different contexts. It has been proven that the mathematical description of contextual change of state introduces a non-Kolmogorovian probability distribution, and a classical formalism such as selection theory cannot be used. This paper argues that creative thought evolves not through a Darwinian process, but a process of context-driven actualization of potential. %N 4 %K creativity, evolution, selection, universal Darwinism, determinism, potentiality, context, stream of thought %P 65-87 %E Dr. Thomas B. Ward %V 39 %D 2005 %I Creative Education Foundation Inc. %L cogprints4647