@misc{cogprints4650, editor = {Prof. Daniel M. Dubois}, title = {General Principles for Brain Design}, author = {Brian D. Josephson}, publisher = {American Institute of Physics}, year = {2005}, note = {PACS: 87.19.La. After it is published, this paper will be found at http://proceedings.aip.org/proceedings.}, keywords = {brain design, language, abstraction, representation, models, neurocomputational science}, url = {http://cogprints.org/4650/}, abstract = {The task of understanding how the brain works has met with only limited success since important design concepts are not as yet incorporated in the analysis. Relevant concepts can be uncovered by studying the powerful methodologies that have evolved in the context of computer programming, raising the question of how the concepts involved there can be realised in neural hardware. Insights can be gained in regard to such issues through the study of the role played by models and representation. These insights lead on to an appreciation of the mechanisms underlying subtle capacities such as those concerned with the use of language. A precise, essentially mathematical account of such capacities is in prospect for the future.} }