%A Reinhard Muskens %J Logique et Analyse %T Hyperfine-Grained Meanings in Classical Logic %X This paper develops a semantics for a fragment of English that is based on the idea of `impossible possible worlds'. This idea has earlier been formulated by authors such as Montague, Cresswell, Hintikka, and Rantala, but the present set-up shows how it can be formalized in a completely unproblematic logic---the ordinary classical theory of types. The theory is put to use in an account of propositional attitudes that is `hyperfine-grained', i.e. that does not suffer from the well-known problems involved with replacing expressions by logical equivalents. %K hyperintensionality, type theory, propositional attitudes %P 159-176 %V 133/13 %D 1991 %L cogprints4707