@misc{cogprints4787, editor = {Keith Jeffrey}, title = {Maximizing Research Impact Through Institutional and National Open-Access Self-Archiving Mandates }, author = {Stevan Harnad}, year = {2006}, keywords = {open access, research impact, citations, scientometrics, Research Assessment Exercise, RAE, self-archiving, institutional repositories, policy, mandate}, url = {http://cogprints.org/4787/}, abstract = {No research institution can afford all the journals its researchers may need, so all articles are losing research impact (usage and citations). Articles made ?Open Access,? (OA) by self-archiving them on the web are cited twice as much, but only 15\% of articles are being spontaneously self-archived. The only institutions approaching 100\% self-archiving are those that mandate it. Surveys show that 95\% of authors will comply with a self-archiving mandate; the actual expe-rience of institutions with mandates has confirmed this. What institutions and funders need to mandate is that (1) immediately upon acceptance for publication, (2) the author?s final draft must be (3) deposited into the Institutional Repository. Only the depositing needs to be mandated; set-ting access privileges to the full-text as either OA or Restricted Access (RA) can be left up to the author. For articles published in the 93\% of journals that have already endorsed self-archiving, access can be set as OA immediately; for the remaining 7\%, authors can email the eprint in re-sponse to individual email requests automatically forwarded by the Repository.} }