@misc{cogprints4856, volume = {SP 200}, editor = {Dr. Bernard Bel and Dr. Isabelle Marlien}, title = {Prosodic Styles and Personality Styles: are the two interrelated}, author = {Dr. Brigitte Zellner Keller}, publisher = {ISCA}, year = {2004}, pages = {383--386}, url = {http://cogprints.org/4856/}, abstract = {The ?individuation? of oral language - what makes a speaker different from another - is still largely an unknown territory [1], especially with respect to the individual and creative use of speech prosody. This pilot study raises fundamental, methodological and empirical issues concerning the relationship between speakers? prosodic styles and their personality profiles. Our preliminary results support the hypothesis of a relationship between prosodic styles and "personality style" as perceived by listeners.} }