@misc{cogprints491, volume = {IV}, number = {2}, title = {L'intelligence artificielle au confluent des neurosciences et de l'informatique}, author = {Paul Jorion}, year = {1994}, pages = {85--114}, journal = {Lekton}, keywords = {Computer science, neuroscience, logic, linguistics, psychoanalysis, reductionism, connectionism, Sigmund Freud, emotional dynamics, Hegel, gradient, causality, qualitative physics, intention, mathematics, Aristotle, Tarski, Gorgias, Sophists, contradiction, Lewis Carroll, pragmatics, truth table, Boole algebra}, url = {http://cogprints.org/491/}, abstract = {Artificial Intelligence betrays the special dispositions and traditions of the fields which constitute its ancestry: neuro-physiology, psychology, logic and mathematics. The common thread between the divergent pull of these fields emerges in a model of thought processes as a gradient on a ?memory trace? landscape. Paths generated on this landscape are interpretable as clauses displaying emergent logical properties.} }