@misc{cogprints5047, volume = {62}, month = {March}, title = {Stressful Experiences in Children and Adolescents: Initial Report from the PSEI-NCPV Honolulu Study}, author = {Dr. Stefan Bracha and Tyler Ralston and Jennifer Yamashita and Gretchen Nelson and Dr. Hassen H. Lopez and Dr. Tomas Cummings}, year = {2003}, pages = {53--58}, journal = {Hawaii Medical Journal}, keywords = {stress, Honolulu, biologicl markers}, url = {http://cogprints.org/5047/}, abstract = {As part of a federal study of the biology of stress and resilience, a comprehensive, structured stress-history interview (PSEI-NCPV) was administered to 307 participants recruited in Honolulu. A moderate correlation between childhood stress and current depression was found. A relatively high rate of "severe bullying/hazing," and a high mean stress-intensity reating for "blood-drawing induced anxiety" call for further research.} }