%A Rashmi Patnayak %A Aruna Prayaga %A Rajasekhar Reddy %A Anuradha S.V.N. %A Jayasankar E %J Calicut Medical Journal %T An intriguing autopsy case of gangrene intestine %X Hypothyroidism, or myxedema, is the clinical syndrome that results from decreased production of T4 and T3.Most patients have primary hypothyroidism .The etiology of adult primary hypothyroidism includes autoimmune hypothyroidism (Hashimoto?s thyroiditis), post ? ablation after radio-active iodine, thyroid surgery and drugs such as Amiodarone and Lithium. Manifestations are variable and proportionate to the degree and duration of thyroid hormone deficiency as well as age of onset. The presence of goiter is common in younger patients (Hashimoto?s) but often absent in the elderly. Clinical features of hypothyroidism are insidious and often missed, particularly in the elderly. %N 3 %V 4 %D 2006 %I Calicut Medical College Alumni Association %L cogprints5091