TY - GEN ID - cogprints5259 UR - http://cogprints.org/5259/ A1 - Hu, Huping A1 - Wu, Maoxin TI - Thinking Outside the Box II: The Origin, Implications and Applications of Gravity and Its Role in Consciousness Y1 - 2006/// N2 - Although theories and speculations abound, there is no consensus on the origin or cause of gravity. Presumably, this status of affair is due to the lack of any experimental guidance. In this paper, we will discuss its ontological origin, implications and potential applications by thinking outside the mainstream notions of general relativity and quantum gravity. We argue that gravity originates from the primordial spin processes in non-spatial and non-temporal pre-spacetime, is the manifestation of quantum entanglement, and implies genuine instantaneous interconnectedness of all matters in the universe. That is, we advocate the principle of non-local action. To certain degree, our view is a reductionist expression of Newton?s instantaneous universal gravity and Mach?s Principle with important consequences. We also discuss the role of gravity in consciousness from this new perspective. Indeed, if spin is the primordial self-referential cause of everything, it should also be the cause of gravity. AV - public KW - Gravity KW - Spin KW - Entanglement KW - Instantaneity KW - Interconnectedness KW - Consciousness ER -