@misc{cogprints5315, volume = {150}, month = {February}, title = {Correlation of severity of psychiatric patients' delusions with right hemispatial inattention (left-turning behavior) }, author = {HS Bracha and RL Livingston and J Clothier and BB Linington and CN Karson}, year = {1993}, pages = {330--332}, journal = {American Journal of Psychiatry}, keywords = {psychosis, hemispheric assymetry, dopamine}, url = {http://cogprints.org/5315/}, abstract = {Studies associate psychotic disorders with various forms of subtle inattention to the right hemispace (left-turning behavior). The authors examined the correlation between this dopamine-related sign and severity of delusions (presumably dopaminergic symptoms) in 20 psychotic patients. Delusions were significantly correlated with severity of left-turning bias, and this neurological sign accounted for 33\% of the variance in severity of delusions.} }