%A Samir Karmakar %J SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics %T Cognitive Semantics: An Extension of the Cartesian Legacy %X The basic intention of this article is to show how the cognitive semantics inherits its ancestry from the Cartesian foundation. The emergence of the cognitive semantics is envisaged here as an integral part of the knowledge evolution, in terms of shifts, which ultimately determines the future direction of our epistemological quest. Basically two questions have been emphasized here: (a) how (and what amount of) common sense metaphysics can be incorporated within the existing system of knowledge; and (b) is there any substratum where the mind-body dualism can be boiled down? %N 1 %K categorematic; domain of discourse; extentionalism; intentionalism; shift; syncategorematic; %E Pavol ?tekauer %V 3 %D 2006 %I The Slovak Association for the Study of English %L cogprints5450