%A Dr John S Plant %J Nomina: Journal of the Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland %T Modern merthods and a controversial surname: Plant %X In the past few years, DNA testing has begun to contribute to our understanding. It is currently emerging more clearly which surnames are multi-origin, originating with many different forefathers, and which descend from a single male ancestor. As a case study, I shall describe the application of modern, multidisciplinary methods to the surname Plant, which has been ascribed a different meaning each time an authority has written about it. The recent emergence of a different view anout this name's origins has prompted a reassessment of its meaning. %K onomastics surnames %P 115-133 %E Dr Carole Hough %V 28 %D 2005 %I Woolnough Bookbinding Ltd, Irthingborough, Northants %L cogprints5457