@misc{cogprints5477, volume = {42}, number = {Supple}, author = {Dr. Sergey Budaev and Dr. Dmitry Zworykin}, title = {Individuality in Fish Behavior: Ecology and Comparative Psychology}, publisher = {Nauka Interperiodika}, journal = {Journal of Ichthyology}, pages = {S189--S195}, year = {2002}, keywords = {individual differences, personality, temperament}, url = {http://cogprints.org/5477/}, abstract = {This work is a brief review of a series of studies of the phenotypic organization and ecological significance of individual differences in fish behavior. The following species were studied: guppy Poecilia retuculata, lion-headed cichlid Steatocranus cassuarius, and the convict cichlid Archocentrus nigrofasciatum. We developed methods for the analysis of individual differences in fish behavior and studied their structure, development, and ecological and evolutionary significance.} }