@misc{cogprints557, editor = {Wolfgang Banzhaf and Jason Daida and Gusz Eiben and Max Garzon and Vasant Honavar and Mark Jakiela and Rob Smith}, title = {The adaptationist stance and evolutionary computation}, author = {Mark Jelasity}, publisher = {Morgan Kaufmann}, year = {1999}, pages = {1859--1864}, keywords = {knowledge representation, evolutionary computation, adaptation, evolution}, url = {http://cogprints.org/557/}, abstract = {In this paper the connections between the evolutionary paradigm called adaptationism and the field of evolutionary computation (EC) will be outlined. After giving an introduction to adaptationism we will try to show that the so called adaptational stance can be applied in EC as well as in biology and this application may have significant benefits. It will also be shown that this approach has serious, inherent limitations in both cases especially in the case of EC, because we lack the language which could be used to form the theories, but these representational limitations can be handled by devoting efforts to construct this language.} }