@unpublished{cogprints5611, month = {July}, title = {Incompleteness and the Romance with Science}, author = {Dr. Marvin Kirsh}, year = {2007}, keywords = {Philosophy of science; completeness, incompleteness; ontology; history of science,philosophy,cognition}, url = {http://cogprints.org/5611/}, abstract = { It is argued that qualities of complete/incomplete science theory do not relate to the fertility or diversity or validity of science theory, but correspond with social, behavioral, moral values, and trespass into the realms of innate knowing, absolutes, cognition and behavior. It is suggested that terms employed such as "innately incomplete" are redundant in description- i.e.- "flats are innately flat"-a curved dwelling would not be suitable for habitation, it is similarly very difficult to find other words to speak of the notion of science as incomplete.} }