@misc{cogprints5715, volume = {6}, number = {1}, month = {July}, author = {IP Ogbuewu and DO Umesiobi and IC Okoli and VM Okoro}, editor = {Dr. Srinivas Kakkilaya}, title = {Validation of the polysemen admixture on viability and acrosomal morphology of boar spermatozoa}, publisher = {Dr. B.S. Kakkilaya}, year = {2007}, journal = {Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences}, keywords = {Semen viability, Acrosomal}, url = {http://cogprints.org/5715/}, abstract = {Semen were collected using artificial vagina (AV), from 5 large white boars aged 2-2.5 years twice a week for 16 weeks in each of the two seasons, early rainy (ER) and late rainy (LR) seasons, to determine the effects of multiple semen pool admixture on the viability and acrosomal morphology. The semen qualities studied were sperm motility, live sperm and sperm concentration, while the acrosomal parameters includes normal apical ridge (NAR), damaged apical ridge (DAR), missing apical ridge (MAR) and loose apical ridge (LAC). There were no significant (P{\ensuremath{>}}0.05) seasonal effects. Three-boar semen admixture gave the highest percentage NAR, motility, live sperm concentration and least DAR and LAC, although these were not significantly (P{\ensuremath{>}}0.05) different from the 2-boar semen admixture. The result of this study suggests that 3-boar semen admixture is most suitable for use in artificial insemination program.} }