@misc{cogprints5776, volume = {408}, title = {Sensory innervation of the external and internal genitalia of the female rat}, author = {Lawrence C. Peters and Mark B. Kristal and Barry R. Komisaruk}, publisher = {Elsevier}, year = {1987}, pages = {199--204}, journal = {Brain Research}, keywords = {sensory innervation, external genitalia, female rat, hypogastric, pelvic nerve, pudendal nerve}, url = {http://cogprints.org/5776/}, abstract = {Using a whole-nerve recording method, the genitalia of the female rat were found to receive afferent innervation as follows. Pelvic nerve: vagina, cervix, and perineal skin; hypogastric nerve: cervix and proximal three fifths of the uterus; pudendal nerve: skin of perineum, inner thigh, and clitoral sheath. It is probable that the pudendal and pelvic nerves are activated during copulation, and that all 3 nerves are activated during parturition.} }