%A Professor Robert Briscoe %O Forthcoming in 2008. %J Mind and Language %T Vision, Action, and Make-Perceive %X In this paper, I critically assess the enactive account of visual perception recently defended by Alva No? (2004). I argue inter alia that the enactive account falsely identifies an object?s apparent shape with its 2D perspectival shape; that it mistakenly assimilates visual shape perception and volumetric object recognition; and that it seriously misrepresents the constitutive role of bodily action in visual awareness. I argue further that noticing an object?s perspectival shape involves a hybrid experience combining both perceptual and imaginative elements ? an act of what I call ?make-perceive.? %K Enactive Account; Sensorimotor Contingency Theory; P-Properties; Spatial Representation; Object Recognition; Alva No?; Action-Oriented Representation %D 2008 %I Blackwell %L cogprints5781