%A Hokky Situngkir %T How Close a Bataknese One Another?: Study of Indonesian Batak?s Family Tree %X The paper conjectures some alternative acquisitions of mathematical models to see the Batak family tree that could enrich our understanding of the anthropological study of Bataknese people. We discuss some aspects of Bataknese Clan-group in Batak traditional social life. Since the family tree is drawn according to the genealogical patterns of degrees relative to the first Batak in northern Sumatera, the paper discusses interesting features of Malthusian growth rate. The latter discussions is about the relatedness of a clan-group of Bataknese one another as reflected in the family tree by observing the topology of the web. The conjectures for future development is also drawn. %D 2008 %K family tree, batak, customary law, scale-free network. %I Bandung Fe Institute %L cogprints5906