@unpublished{cogprints6036, month = {January}, title = {Approach-Avoidance Behavior of Refugees in a Finnish School}, author = {Ed.D. Raimo J Laasonen}, year = {1991}, keywords = {approach-avoidance behavior,ambivalence of behavior, Markov chains}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6036/}, abstract = {The purpose of the study was to research how the Vietnamese refugees (N was 9) behave with a Finnish school environment. Participating observation was applied because of the lack of public possibilities to study the phenomenon openly. The Markovian approach was the analysis of the data. The results indicate school environment, its interaction guides how the refugees behave in their approach-avoidance behavior. Principally, the behavior of the surrounding school environment produces ambivalence into the behavior of the refugees.} }