%A Dr Dimitri Kanevsky %A Dr Daniel Povey %A Dr Bhuvana Ramabhadran %A Dr Irina Rish %A Dr Tara Sainath %T A New Family of Extended Baum-Welch Update Rules %X In this paper, we consider a generalization of the state-of-art discriminative method for optimizing the conditional likelihood in Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), called the Extended Baum-Welch (EBW) algorithm, that has had significant impact on the speech recognition community. We propose a generalized form of EBW update rules that can be associated with a weighted sum of updated and initial models, and demonstrate that using novel update rules can significantly speed up parameter estimation for Gaussian mixtures. %D 2008 %K Extended Baum Welch, optimization, speech %L cogprints6037