%A Luciano Frontino de Medeiros %A Hamilton Pereira da Silva %A Eduardo Parente Ribeiro %J Learning and Nonlinear Models ? Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Redes Neurais %T Tomographic Image Reconstruction of Fan-Beam Projections with Equidistant Detectors using Partially Connected Neural Networks %X We present a neural network approach for tomographic imaging problem using interpolation methods and fan-beam projections. This approach uses a partially connected neural network especially assembled for solving tomographic reconstruction with no need of training. We extended the calculations to perform reconstruction with interpolation and to allow tomography of fan-beam geometry. The main goal is to aggregate speed while maintaining or improving the quality of the tomographic reconstruction process. %N 2 %K tomography, reconstruction, neural network, fan-beam, interpolation %P 122-130 %V 1 %D 2003 %L cogprints6085