@misc{cogprints6091, volume = {7}, number = {1}, month = {April}, author = {Rakesh Kumar Singh and Saurabh Varshney and Sampan Singh Bist and Nitin Gupta}, editor = {Dr. Srinivas Kakkilaya}, title = {A Rare Nasopharyngeal Foreign Body}, publisher = {Dr. B.S. Kakkilaya}, year = {2008}, journal = {Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences}, keywords = {Foreign body, Nasopharynx}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6091/}, abstract = {Nasopharynx is an exceptionally rare anatomical location for foreign body impaction. We present a rare case of nasopharyngeal foreign body (NFB) in a 7 years old child. The diagnosis was confirmed by nasal endoscopy. Immediate removal of foreign body (FB) in the nasopharynx was performed under general anesthesia. This rare situation is potentially dangerous, since its dislodgment may cause fatal airway obstruction. Therefore, in all cases with missing foreign bodies in the aerodigestive system, nasopharyngeal impaction should be kept in mind and endoscopic examination of the region should be considered} }