TY - GEN ID - cogprints6105 UR - http://cogprints.org/6105/ A1 - Velmans, Prof Max Y1 - 2009/// N2 - There are two quite distinct ways in which events that we normally think of as ?physical? relate in an intimate way to events that we normally think of as ?psychological?. One intimate relation occurs in exteroception at the point where events in the world become events as-perceived. The other intimate relationship occurs at the interface of conscious experience with its neural correlates in the brain. The chapter examines each of these relationships and positions them within a dual-aspect, reflexive model of how consciousness relates to the brain and external world. The chapter goes on to provide grounds for viewing mind and nature as fundamentally psychophysical, and examines similar views as well as differences in previously unpublished writings of Wolfgang Pauli, one of the founders of quantum mechanics. PB - Springer KW - Physical KW - psychological KW - psychophysical KW - consciousness KW - mind KW - brain KW - reflexive model KW - reflexive monism KW - dualism KW - reductionism KW - dual-aspect KW - information KW - Pauli KW - psychological complementarity KW - physical complementarity KW - exclusive KW - non-exclusive KW - perception TI - Psychophysical Nature SP - 115 AV - public EP - 134 ER -