@misc{cogprints612, volume = {10}, title = {Linguisitic and Other Psychological Aspects of Paroxysmal Aphasia}, author = {Andre Roch Lecours and Joanette Yves}, publisher = {Academic Press}, year = {1980}, pages = {1--23}, journal = {Brain and Language}, url = {http://cogprints.org/612/}, abstract = {A case of paroxysmal aphasia is reported. Aphasic spells occurred, in this patient, without modification in consciousness and without involvement of behaviors others than those related to oral and written speech and language. Longer spells successively recapitulated the clinical pictures of global, Wernicke's. conduction, and amnestic aphasia. Besides aphasiological evaluations, neurological, psychometrical, electroencephalographical, and CT-scan documents were obtained. The discussion bears on four main points : the linguistic characteristics of paroxysmal aphasia as compared to those of aphasias of other etiologies; Pierre Marie's oneness doctrine of aphasia; the mutual relationships of language and thought (in aphasia); the affective experience lived by one with severe aphasia, with special reference to the notion of anosognosia.} }