@unpublished{cogprints614, month = {February}, title = {The Influence of Fantasy on Children's Understanding of Pretense}, author = {Angeline S Lillard and David Sobel}, year = {1998}, url = {http://cogprints.org/614/}, abstract = {Many have thought that children have an early appreciation of the mind in the case of pretend play. Results from several experiments are against this (Joseph, in press, Exps. 2-3; Lillard, 1993a; Lillard, 1996; Lillard, in press; Rosen, Schwebel \& Singer, 1997). However, an experiment by Lillard (1996, Exp. 4) suggested that when a pretense is about a fantasy character, instead of a real entity, children might have a better understanding of the mind's involvement. The present experiment tested this, and found that indeed, when pretending to be a fantasy character is at issue, 4-year-olds are significantly more apt to indicate the mind's involvement.} }