%A Maurizio Tirassa %A Francesca M. Bosco %J Enacting intersubjectivity: A cognitive and social perspective to the study of interactions %T On the nature and role of intersubjectivity in communication %X We outline a theory of human agency and communication and discuss the role that the capability to share (that is, intersubjectivity) plays in it. All the notions discussed are cast in a mentalistic and radically constructivist framework. We also introduce and discuss the relevant literature. %K Intersubjectivity; Communication; Conversation; Dialogue; Language; Pragmatics; Meaning; Mindreading; Sharedness; Common knowledge; Intentionality; Collective intentionality; Theory of mind; Constructivism; Consciousness; Intentionality; Situated cognition; Agency; Phenomenology %P 81-95 %E Francesca Morganti %E Antonella Carassa %E Giuseppe Riva %D 2008 %I Amsterdam: IOS Press %L cogprints6159