@misc{cogprints6213, volume = {22}, number = {6}, author = {Michael Noonan and Dr. Mark B Kristal}, title = {Effects of Medial Preoptic Lesions on Placentophagia and on the Onset of Maternal Behavior in the Rat}, publisher = {Pergamon Press and Brain Research Publ.}, journal = {Physiology \& Behavior}, pages = {1197--1202}, year = {1979}, keywords = {medial preoptic area, hypothalamus, maternal behavior, placentophagia, parturition, lesions}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6213/}, abstract = {Lesions of the medial preoptic area (MPO) were produced through permanently indwelling electrodes 24 hr prior to parturition in pregnant rats, or 24 hr prior to donor-placenta presentation in virgin rats determined in a pretest to be placentophages. The lesions had no disruptive effect on placentophagia in the virgin females. However, MPO lesions did delay the onset of placentophagia, pup-retrieval, and nestbuilding in some parturient rats. In others, lesions produced an impairment (in latency and quality) only of nest-building. None showed any impairment of pup-licking, or in the clear tendency to leave excreted waste away from the gathered pups. These results suggest the possibility of at least semi-independent mechanisms for the various components of maternal behavior.} }