@misc{cogprints6214, volume = {14}, number = {2}, title = {Perinatal maternal and neonatal behaviour in the captive reticulated giraffe}, author = {Michael Noonan and Dr. Mark B. Kristal}, year = {1979}, pages = {103--107}, journal = {South African Journal of Zoology}, keywords = {giraffe, delivery, birth, parturition, nursing, maternal behavior, placentophagia}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6214/}, abstract = {A captive reticulated giraffe was observed constantly for three weeks prior to, and periodically for 90 days subsequent to, the birth of her calf. Extensive observations were made of the birth sequence, feeding, drinking, sleeping and one instance of an infant distress call, as well as observations of the initiation of maternal behaviour (including licking, nursing, placentophagia, and what appeared to be helping the calf to stand, guiding the calf's movements, and attempts to respond to the calf's distress call).} }