%A Dr. Mark B. Kristal %J Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology %T Effects of Lateral Hypothalamic Lesions on Placentophagia in Virgin, Primiparous, and Multiparous Rats %X Lesions of the lateral hypothalamus (LH) were produced in pregnant and nonpregnant female rats through chronically implanted electrodes to investigate the effect of LH damage on placentophagia. Other variables investigated were prior parturitional experience and stimulus properties of the placenta. Lesions were produced under ether anesthesia 24 hr. prior to parturition in pregnant females and 24 hr. prior to placenta presentation in nonpregnant females. The LH lesions produced aphagia to a liquid diet. Pregnancy was not a significant variable in the initiation of placentophagia, but prior parturitional experience was a critical variable. Virgin and primiparous females did not exhibit placentophagia following LH damage, but multiparous females would eat placenta whenever the opportunity arose, independently of LH damage and pregnancy. %N 1 %K placentophagia, lateral hypothalamus, feeding, rat, parturition, parity %P 53-62 %V 84 %D 1973 %I American Psychological Association %L cogprints6253