%A Raju S. Bapi %A K. P. Miyapuram %A V. S. Chandrasekhar Pammi %O Paper Presented at the National Seminar on Cognitive Science, University of Hyderabad Feb 6?8, 2002 %T A Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Investigation of Aspects of Serial Order in Cognition %X Serial order processing or Sequence processing underlies many human activities such as speech, language, skill learning, planning, problem solving, etc. Investigating the neural bases of sequence processing enables us to understand serial order in cognition and helps us building intelligent devices. In the current paper, various cognitive issues related to sequence processing will be discussed with examples. Some of the issues are: distributed versus local representation, pre-wired versus adaptive origins of representation, implicit versus explicit learning, fixed/flat versus hierarchical organization, timing aspects, order information embedded in sequences, primacy versus recency in list learning and aspects of sequence perception such as recognition, recall and generation. Experimental results that give evidence for the involvement of various brain areas will be described. Finally, theoretical frameworks based on Markov models and Reinforcement Learning paradigm will be presented. These theoretical ideas are useful for studying sequential phenomena in a principled way. %D 2002 %L cogprints6360