@misc{cogprints6395, volume = {7}, number = {4}, month = {February}, author = {Rakesh Kumar Singh and Sangita Bhandary and Awadhesh Tiwary and Smirti Karki}, editor = {Dr. Srinivas Kakkilaya}, title = {Capillary hemangioma of tympanic cleft}, publisher = {Dr. B.S. Kakkilaya}, year = {2009}, journal = {Online Journal of Health And Allied Sciences}, keywords = {Hemangioma, Capillary, Tympanic cleft}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6395/}, abstract = {We present an extensive capillary hemangioma of right ear in an 11-year-old child involving external auditory canal, middle ear and mastoid. Patient was presented with chronic purulent discharge and aural mass in right ear. The Computarize tomography (CT) scan revealed enhancing soft tissue filled density in external ear, middle ear and mastoid for that modified radical mastoidectomy (MRM) was done. The histopathological report of surgical specimen confirmed the diagnosis of capillary hemangioma} }