%A V Gupta %A L Walia %A S Gupta %A N Bajwa %J Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences %T Comparison of the Effects of Coconut Oil and Soyabean Oil on TSH Level and Weight Gain in Rabbits %X The present study was conducted on 12 albino rabbits of either sex and weighing between 1-1.5kg to see the influence of coconut oil and soyabean oil on serum TSH levels and weight gain for a period of 12 weeks.? The rabbits were divided into 2 groups of six each.? Rabbits in group 1 were fed on coconut oil and in group 2 were fed on soyabean oil in addition to their standard diet.? At the end of 12 weeks we found that rabbits fed on soyabean oil had significant increase in TSH levels (p= 0.003) and gained more weight (p=0.000) when compared to rabbits fed on coconut oil. %N 1 %K Coconut oil, Soyabean oil, Thyroid stimulating hormone, Weight %E Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya %V 8 %D 2009 %I Dr. BS Kakkilaya %L cogprints6565