TY - GEN ID - cogprints6577 UR - http://cogprints.org/6577/ A1 - Wesolkowski, Dr Slawomir A1 - Mazurek, Mr Michael A1 - Whitacre, Dr James M A1 - Abbass, Dr Hussein A1 - Bender, Dr Axel TI - Robustness and Adaptability Analysis of Future Military Air Transportation Fleets Y1 - 2009/06/16/ N2 - Making decisions about the structure of a future military fleet is challenging. Several issues need to be considered, including multiple competing objectives and the complexity of the operating environment. A particular challenge is posed by the various types of uncertainty that the future holds. It is uncertain what future events might be encountered and how fleet design decisions will influence these events. In order to assist strategic decision-making, an analysis of future fleet options needs to account for conditions in which these different uncertainties are exposed. It is important to understand what assumptions a particular fleet is robust to, what the fleet can readily adapt to, and what conditions present risks to the fleet. We call this the analysis of a fleet?s strategic positioning. Our main aim is to introduce a framework that captures information useful to a decision maker and defines the concepts of robustness and adaptability in the context of future fleet design. We demonstrate our conceptual framework by simulating an air transportation fleet problem. We account for uncertainty by employing an explorative scenario-based approach. Each scenario represents a sampling of different future conditions and different model assumptions. Proposed changes to a fleet are then analysed based on their influence on the fleet?s robustness, adaptability, and risk to different scenarios. AV - public ER -