@misc{cogprints6620, editor = {Hubert Feger}, title = {Kognitionspsychologische Untersuchungen eines Rechenk{\"u}nstlers}, author = {J{\"u}rgen Bredenkamp}, publisher = {Hogrefe, G{\"o}ttingen}, year = {1990}, journal = {Wissenschaft und Verantwortung. Festschrift f{\"u}r Karl Josef Klauer}, keywords = {Rechenk{\"u}nstler, mental calculator, Gert Mittring}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6620/}, abstract = {A detailed analysis of the processes of a mental calculator (Gert Mittring) is given in this paper. It shows that seemingly exceptional tasks (e.g., mentally extracting the 137. root from a number with thousand figures within less than 20 seconds) can be described in the frame of conventional cognitive processes.} }