@misc{cogprints6634, month = {September}, title = {Dysfunctions of highly parallel real-time machines as 'developmental disorders': Security concerns and a Caveat Emptor}, author = {Rodrick Wallace}, year = {2009}, keywords = {developmental disorders, cognition, highly parallel computation, homeland security, information theory, real time}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6634/}, abstract = {A cognitive paradigm for gene expression in developmental biology that is based on rigorous application of the asymptotic limit theorems of information theory can be adapted to highly parallel real-time computing. The coming Brave New World of massively parallel 'autonomic' and 'Self-X' machines driven by the explosion of multiple core and molecular computing technologies will not be spared patterns of canonical and idiosyncratic failure analogous to the developmental disorders affecting organisms that have had the relentless benefit of a billion years of evolutionary pruning. This paper provides a warning both to potential users of these machines and, given that many such disorders can be induced by external agents, to those concerned with larger scale matters of homeland security.} }