%A Maisa Halloush %A Mai Sharif %J M. Halloush and M. Sharif, "Global Heuristic Search on Encrypted Data (GHSED)", International Journal of Computer Science Issues, IJCSI, Volume 2, pp13-17, August 2009 %T Global Heuristic Search on Encrypted Data (GHSED) %X Important document are being kept encrypted in remote servers. In order to retrieve these encrypted data, efficient search methods needed to enable the retrieval of the document without knowing the content of the documents In this paper a technique called a global heuristic search on encrypted data (GHSED) technique will be described for search in an encrypted files using public key encryption stored on an untrusted server and retrieve the files that satisfy a certain search pattern without revealing any information about the original files. GHSED technique would satisfy the following: (1) Provably secure, the untrusted server cannot learn anything about the plaintext given only the cipher text. (2) Provide controlled searching, so that the untrusted server cannot search for a word without the user's authorization. (3) Support hidden queries, so that the user may ask the untrusted server to search for a secret word without revealing the word to the server. (4) Support query isolation, so the untrusted server learns nothing more than the search result about the plaintext. %K Heuristic Table, Controlled Search, Query Isolation, hidden queries, false positive, hash chaining %V 2 %D 2009 %I International Journal of Computer Science Issues, IJCSI %L cogprints6692