%A Mashud Kabir %J M. Kabir, "SIMILARITY MATCHING TECHNIQUES FOR FAULT DIAGNOSIS IN AUTOMOTIVE INFOTAINMENT ELECTRONICS", International Journal of Computer Science Issues, IJCSI, Volume 3, pp14-19, August 2009 %T Similarity Matching Techniques For Fault Diagnosis In Automotive Infotainment Electronics %X Fault diagnosis has become a very important area of research during the last decade due to the advancement of mechanical and electrical systems in industries. The automobile is a crucial field where fault diagnosis is given a special attention. Due to the increasing complexity and newly added features in vehicles, a comprehensive study has to be performed in order to achieve an appropriate diagnosis model. A diagnosis system is capable of identifying the faults of a system by investigating the observable effects (or symptoms). The system categorizes the fault into a diagnosis class and identifies a probable cause based on the supplied fault symptoms. Fault categorization and identification are done using similarity matching techniques. The development of diagnosis classes is done by making use of previous experience, knowledge or information within an application area. The necessary information used may come from several sources of knowledge, such as from system analysis. In this paper similarity matching techniques for fault diagnosis in automotive infotainment applications are discussed. %K similarity, fault, diagnosis, matching, automotive, infotainment, cosine %V 3 %D 2009 %I International Journal of Computer Science Issues, IJCSI %L cogprints6701