%A Stiliyan Georgiev %A Zlatogor Minchev %A Christina Christova %A Dolja Philipova %J BIOAUTOMATION %T EEG Fractal Dimension Measurement before and after Human Auditory Stimulation %X The aim of this work is to investigate the change of fractal dimension Df with the help of Higuchi Fractal Dimension measure (HFD) in Event-Related Potentials (ERP) of human EEG time series, obtained as a result of oddball paradigm usage and auditory stimulation with instruction for passive listening and counting tasks, depending on gender, personality type and task condition. In our study 77 healthy volunteers have been participated and 38 of them have been selected after a personality classification with Eysenck?s personality questionnaire (EPQ).The achieved results showed specific functional meaning of ERP HFD change depending on the individual personality type and gender. %D 2009 %K Fractal Dimension, Higuchi Fractal Dimension, EEG, ERP, Time series analysis, Personality and gender classification. %L cogprints6757 %V 12, 70